To the Chairman and Members of the Council


You are summoned to attend the meeting of the above Council to be held on the 29th September 2008 in the Village Hall, Tintern at 7.30 pm.




561.    To receive report from PC Mike Cowburn

562.    To receive apologies for absence

563.    To receive any Declarations of Interest

564.    To confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 1st September 2008

565.    To receive any planning applications:-

*** Plans available for viewing from 6.30 pm or otherwise by arrangement.

M/12746 Removal of Condition 9 of planning permission  M/9201 to enable

Permanent use of access track Barbadoes Hill Meadows.

566.    To approve accounts for payment:-

PlaySafety Ltd - £81.08

Childline - £50

567.    To receive correspondence (please see attached)

568.    To receive various updates – cycle track

569.    Beaufort Cottage (cottage by The Abbey)

570.    Abbotswood (query re building work)

571.    Report from meeting on 09/09/08 re Fryers Wharf

572.    South-East Wales Transport Plan

573.    Hedges over Pavements

574.    Dustbin Lorries in Sylvan View

575.    Forestry Commission re tree slipping into promenade fence

576.    Rose & Crown gabion baskets

577.    Brockweir Bridge pavement subsiding

578.    Barbadoes Hill – concerns re digging of pond

579.    Green Shed at Fryers Wharf – who is using it

580.    To agree Clerk’s contract. (Exclude press & public for decision re clerk’s


580.  Signage for Tintern Church.

581.  Refuse Bins Botany Bay

582.  To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies:-

           Tintern Village Hall

            Llandogo School

            Friends of Tintern

            Tintern Business Forum





            And Council Sub-Committees:-


            Business and Tourism

            Survey 2008

            Fryers Wharf


583.    Any other business (filing cabinet)

584.    To confirm date of next meeting






21st September 2008                                                    Elizabeth Greatorex-Davies

The Poplars, Whitelye, Catbrook, NP16 6NP, Tel. 01291-689861