Present:   Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor P O’Connor, Councillor S Shewell,  Councillor T Evans, Councillor J Saunders, Councillor A Parker and R Hopson clerk.


In Attendance:  Mr R Simpson


242.              Police Report – Const. Andy Mason


a. Constable Mason was not present at meeting.


243                 Public Forum:


     a. There were no public statements.


       244.      Housing Survey Presentation by Rhidian Jones – Housing Enabler Monmouthshire

                   (Item discussed at 8:30 p.m.)


a. A draft of the survey form which will be posted to households in the community was distributed. This will consist of two parts, a bi-lingual letter and an English language form. The form and letter will be put together in envelopes by the Council and then posted by the Rural Housing Enabler (R.H.E.) organisation. A reminder letter will be sent out by R.H.E. two weeks after the forms are posted.


b. Apart from assembling the survey letter the Council will also be responsible for publicising survey. This will consist of posters, flyers and a possible press release.


c. A second draft survey form will be sent to councillors for finalisation at the September meeting. This will be customised for Tintern.


d. The Chairman thanked Mr. Jones for attending the meeting and making the presentation.


   245.      Apologies for absence:


a. Councillor A Webb


   246.      Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda:


     a. None


   247.    Minutes of the meetings of 31st July 2006:


a.     The minutes were signed as a true record of the meetings by the Chairman.




  THE JULY REPORT IS INCLUDED BELOW ----------------------------------------



    Actions updated and brought forward from before July


212. Public Forum:


b. Bridleway sign required from Mary’s Church Penterry to Penterry Farm


Action:  Monmouthshire County Council (M.C.C.) has erected correct signs.



    Actions from July Minutes



230.        Police Report – Constable Andy Mason:


1.     Constable Mason informed the meeting that water skiers and jet skiers had been seen in the river. The clerk to obtain from Gloucester Harbour Trust the conditions for this activity in the river at Tintern.


Action: Use of the Wye is governed by the Gloucester Harbour Byelaws 1997 & 2006. These state that aquaplaning, water-biking and similar activities are only allowed between Chepstow railway Bridge & Beachley Point. Water-skiing is only permitted between Chepstow railway Bridge & Beachley Point and between the Livox Quarries and a point north-west of Chepstow Castle.


231.        Public Forum:


1.     Mrs.  Reid asked if the Council could get M.C.C. to place signage indicating the bridleway (No. BR82A) which is situated In front of her property and passes between the rear of the Anchor Hotel and The Quay. The clerk to contact the Rights of Way Officer at M.C.C.


Action: Letter sent to M.C.C. Principal Rights of Way Officer outlining Welsh Assembly Inspectors decision to designate this a  bridleway. The officer has responded stating that the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.


2.     Mr. Bristow stated that the grass on the footpath between the Cherry Tree Inn and the site of The Globe needed cutting.  Ownership of the footpath needed to be established.  Councillor Floyd said she would speak to the owners of the land on the A466 which also needed cutting.


Action: Ownership yet to be established. Councillor Floyd has spoken to owners of land on A466 and the problem has been rectified.


234.                    Finance and Administration Reports:


         a. Chapel Hill United Charity:


The clerk will find out what duties of the trustee entails and the potential implications for the council.


Action: The Charity Secretary has been contacted and has confirmed that trustees have no special liabilities or responsibilities. However, being a trustee does imply following the guidelines issued by the Charity Commissioners. These are available on the Commission web site The secretary has also been formally informed of the appointment of Councillor Parker.


b.Storage of Council Documentation:


The clerk to clarify with the County Archivist the conditions under which documents are stored and their availability to members of the public. 


Action: The County Archivist has responded to the questions asked regarding safety, security and pubic access to documents maintained at County Hall. This will be distributed at the August Council meeting.



                               236. Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


Concern had been expressed in the community regarding the condition of the    exterior of the pavilion on The Anchor Field. Since the council are responsible for the insurance on this building it was agreed that it will be inspected by the clerk and a councillor to ascertain its condition.


Action:  Inspected and report produced for August meeting.


                               237. Survey 2006


The Sawmills car park project:  Councillor Webb to pursue this issue and arrange a meeting between the Council and M.C.C. Highways department (R Hoggins & B Cleary).


Action: R. Hoggins is on leave until 24th August. Councillor Webb will arrange meeting for September.


                             239.   Correspondence


a. Coinros Nursery – Grass cutting services:

This Coleford based company have asked to quote the Community Council for land requiring regular grass cutting. The clerk to contact and ask for a quotation.


Action:  Coinros have visited the village and have quoted 40 per cut. The three quotations received are therefore;


                   Coinros ……………………………….40

                   M.C.C. ………………………………..35

Hoskins………………………………..60 (includes verge     between Abbey Hotel and Village Green. Re-quote requested)

This is price per cut for the following areas;   


                   Village Green

                   Verge by Bus Shelter next to Wye House

                   Green opposite Wye House

                   Friar’s Wharf


                                    b. Welsh Assembly Guidance on Council member’s indemnities:

A booklet on the new law enabling councils to indemnify members and officers involved in third party had been received. Clerk to study and report back in August.


Action:   The booklet refers to indemnity that councils may now offer councillors and officers if they become involved in legal problems with third party organisations joined as consequence of their being a councillor/council officer. The matter is complicated and has been referred to the Society of Local Council Clerks (S.L.C.C.) for guidance.


c. A letter from Mrs Mackie had been received asking if it was possible to  rent a garage at Friar’s Wharf. It was agreed to write to her asking for confirmation of which garage she meant.


Action: Letter written - no response.






ERRATUM: No mention was made in minutes of valuation of Village Hall. M.C.C. do not carry out valuations for property they do not own because they have no indemnity against valuation errors. They suggest a local member of the Institute of Chartered Surveyors is used.


  End of Actions for July Meeting                              



       248. Finance and Administration Reports:


a. Financial Statement for August:


A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of ₤5158.09 if the known payments for August were approved. The council unanimously agreed the statement.


b.     The payments for July were approved, that is:


Roger Hopson – Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                       Chq 100482           ₤312.02


c.     Confirm timetable for External Audit 2005/2006;


The Welsh Audit Office had called for the 2005/6 audit to be forwarded to them by the 26th September. This means that Internal Audit must be completed and public notice of audit displayed before that date.


d.     Agree conditions for transfer of documents to County Archive;


The report received from the County Archivist was discussed and it was agreed  that the documents requiring archiving in a secure location be selected at a meeting of councillors on 18th September at 6:00 p.m.


e.     Consider funding a cycle rack in village hall grounds;


 Councillor Evans stated  that the Council has spent no funds this year on capital projects in the community and that a cycle rack located in the vicinity of the village hall had been a proposed project for the last two years. Councillors Floyd, Saunders and O’Connor agreed. Councillor Evans presented a brochure and suggested purchasing a rack sufficient for 6 bicycles. Councillor Parker suggested that whatever design we choose should allow for the whole bicycle to be secured with chains and locks and not just the front wheel. Councillor Evans believed that such a rack might be too expensive. However, a suitable rack was suggested from Councillor Evan’s catalogue and the Clerk was asked to purchase the rack.


The clerk was instructed to get quotations for the rack installation from;


                             Peter Davies

                             David Ball

                             Paul Lugg


The rack should be painted green. Councillor Evans proposed the purchase of the rack suggested and Councillor O’Connor seconded the motion. The decision was unanimous.


f.      To decide on valuers for Village Hall;


Councillor Saunders suggested that Archer & Co. be asked to carry out the evaluation. Councillor Floyd proposed she asked Archers and Moon & Co. This was unanimously agreed.


   249. Planning


DC/2006/00537:  Renovation of cottage, including rear conservatory and porch, Chapel Cottage, Chapel Lane

Planning Officer: Kate Bingham

Decision: Refuse

Reason: i.   Development is too large for the area and will spoil the view.

             ii.  The position includes an archaeological site and is within the A.O.N.B.


Planning appeals




Planning withdrawals




Planning decisions




New enforcement cases




Resolved enforcement cases






      250. Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


a.       Village Hall Committee:


   No report


         b.   Llandogo School:


  No report.


         c.   Friends of Tintern:


            No report. Meeting tonight.


      251. Survey 2006


A summary of the progress of the project work so far undertaken will be produced for the September meeting and printed in the Tintern News.


a.        Youth Centre:


The youth club had been meeting each Wednesday for the last five weeks and was proving successful. A full meeting of the Youth Council is planned for Wednesday 6th September at 6:00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

Councillor Floyd commented that the youth club needs space in the Village Hall for equipment.


         b.   Traffic Control:


Councillor Evans presented the mini-roundabout report he is to submit to Monmouthshire County Council (M.C.C.) at the September Lower Wye Area Committee (L.W.A.C.) meeting. He is to state that if required the Community Council might be able to help with funding the project if L.W.A.C. agrees to back it. Councillor Bennett commented that the budget for 2006/7 does not contain any funds for this scale of work. However, Councillor Evans informed the meeting that other work in the Village Hall for disabled access was now to the subject of a grant application to the M.C.C. Village Hall Umbrella Scheme and might not require Council funds.


c.   Traffic Management:


The vehicle actuated sign destined for erection at Tintern is awaiting resources from within M.C.C. to erect. There had been no progress on the Saw Mills car park.


d.       Crime & Safety, Recycling:


No Progress.



    252.     Other Reports/Issues


 a.   To decide on village verge grass cutting contractor :


It was decided to offer the contract for two cuts this year to N. Hoskins. He revised his quotation from ₤60 to ₤30 when he was asked to re-quote excluding  verge adjacent to the Abbey Hotel to Village Green (M.C.C. are to cut this twice yearly free of charge).  The situation will be assessed again next spring. Clerk to ask Mr. Hoskins to start cutting at his convenience.


           b.   To decide on action on refurbishment of communal bin on Raglan Road;


Councillor Saunders was concerned at the high cost of emptying a wheelie bin (₤8 per visit)  as it was creating no more work for the refuse collection team than emptying the existing communal bin. The cost of the current  is included in the normal community charge. She asked if M.C.C. could explain this especially if the bin was located in the Sawmills area. Clerk to contact M.C.C.


       c.   To decide on plan for completion of ROSPA report on Friar’s Wharf safety:


It was unanimously decided to contact Peter Davies and M.C.C.  to get quotes for heightening fence to one metre and planting shrubs of a brambly nature on the river side of fence.  


d.        To receive report on Chairman’s & Clerk’s meeting with Gloucester Harbour Trust;


The Chairman and clerk had met with  Mike Johnson of the Gloucester Harbour  Trust and discussed the possibility of a jetty being positioned at Friar’s Wharf. Mr. Johnson stated that as the area was within a Site of Special Scientific Interest (S.S.S.I.) and was a Special Area of Conservation permission would take a long time. However, could be obtained for the correct form of jetty for a fast flowing tidal river such as the Wye. It was agreed to send a representative to the Gloucester Harbour Trust User Forum which meets again in November. Councillor Shewell agreed to represent the Council.


e.     To  decide on next stage/actions of parking policy for village;


This would be discussed at the next meeting within the item on the Survey 2006.






 253.   Correspondence


        a.    Correspondence lists were issued to all councillors.


 254.   Any Other Business


a.                  Councillor Floyd wanted confirmation from Councillor Evans that the Village Hall would be available for the printing of the September edition of the Tintern News. This was because the Police Station is still closed for refurbishment. Councillor Evans was concerned that the Hall had only been promised for the six week closure of the Police Station and that this period had elapsed some time ago. Councillor Floyd to establish when the station will re-open. However, she hoped that if it was not going to be soon the Tintern News could be printed in the Hall.


b.                 Councillor Saunders expressed concern that the Monmouthshire Beacon had printed a large front page article on the erection of a new statue in the Abbey and had not informed the Community Council.


c.                  Notice of presentation by Angiddy Hydroelectric Company at September meeting:


The Chairman informed the meeting that M.C.C. wanted to know the Community Council’s opinion of the Angiddy Hydroelectric project. The scheme developers are to be asked to attend the September meeting and make a presentation.


d.       Councillor Evans was concerned that bushes were overhanging the highway at the bottom of Raglan Road opposite the school. The clerk to follow the matter up with the owners.










The next meeting will be held on 25th September in the Village Hall at 7:00 p.m.


The Meeting closed at 10:00 p.m.