Present:   Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor P O’Connor, Councillor S Shewell, Councillor J Saunders, Councillor A. Parker, Constable Andrew Mason and R Hopson clerk.


In Attendance:  Mr. T Bristow, Mrs B. Preece, Mr. C. Rea, Mr. N. Hopkins and Constable A. Mason.


283.        Police Report – PC 263  Andy Mason  




Relevant Dates: From: 31st October 2006        To: 27th November 2006











Burglary Other









Container side of Tintern Abbey broken into overnight -–Equipment stolen.


Two foals stolen overnight from field. One ‘Piebald’ and one ‘Skewbald’.


Fishing equipment stolen from cabin at Ravensnest Fishery




A 466






A466 Dead Mans Elbow









Two vehicles – head on. Lost control on bends approx 2 miles o/s Tintern. Minor injuries.


Driver lost control single vehicle RTC left road offside. Black Jaguar.


Single vehicle RTC, lost control wet road surface, left road offside rolled 30’ down embankment. No injury.




Police ANPR Op.



Dead Deer



Drink Driver









Number of vehicles stopped, one person arrested for possession of Class A drugs.


Found in culvert rear of Abbey Hotel, minus the head.


Motorist called in a suspect drink driver he was following through Tintern. Vehicle was stopped approaching Monmouth and was Positive Breath Test.




Rural Drink Drive



Report vis 01633 838111 or by Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.



284.   Public Forum:


a.     Mrs Preece again reminded the Councillors and Constable Mason of the parking on the double yellow lines outside of the Indigo Blue café. She did comment however, that Constable Mason had taken details of one offending motorist. Councillor Floyd hoped this would be warning to others.

b.     Mrs Preece also asked, again, about the planning application made for the Cherry Tree ‘A’ board on The Green. The clerk promised to find out the status of the application

c.     Mr Bristow asked why the minutes of previous meetings were no longer being kept in The Cherry Tree shop. The clerk commented that this was an oversight by him, apologised and stated that missing minutes would be placed in the shop as soon as possible.

d.     Councillor Bennett introduced two representatives from the Friends of Tintern  (F.O.T) organisation (messrs Rea and Hopkins) and stated that they had attended the meeting to request funds for next year. Councillor Webb asked if the organisation had sought other tenders for the erection of the Christmas lights. The F.O.T representatives replied that they believed they had obtained the best deal possible. Councillor Webb suggested they contact other local councils, e.g. Monmouth to ask how they organise the financing of Christmas lights.

Councillor Floyd asked if they could make a formal approach for funds earlier next year and not leave it until November.


  285.  Apologies for absence:


           a. Councillor T. Evans (on holiday).


 286.  Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda:


           a. None.


  287.  Minutes of the meetings of 30th October 2006:


    a. The minutes were signed as a true record of the meetings by the Chairman.


The clerk’s report has now replaced the agenda item ‘matters   arising’.





*****Actions updated and brought forward from before October*****


   189.  Other Reports/Issues


               b  Other Issues


          i. To discuss  collection of mail over Easter weekend:


Action: The clerk is still attempting to get a positive response for the Royal Mail regarding the   removal of the post box from the Trellech Road.


          248.    Finance and Administration Reports:


e. A suitable rack was suggested from Councillor Evan’s catalogue and the Clerk was asked to   purchase the rack.


Action: Peter Davies has been contacted and is to supply quotes for this work together with wharf safety work and installation of notice board.


The others will be contacted before a decision is made on the installer.


              252. Other Reports/Issues


                b. To decide on action on refurbishment of communal bin on Raglan Road;


Action: Clerk to contact M.C.C. The County Council has not responded to a request for a meeting to discuss issue.


c. To decide on plan for completion of ROSPA report on Friar’s Wharf safety:


It was unanimously decided to contact Peter Davies and M.C.C.  to get quotes for heightening fence to one metre and planting shrubs of a brambly nature on the river side of fence.       


                Action:  Peter Davies has visited site with clerk but has not submitted a quotation.


                c.. To decide on action regarding concern over damaged railings on Wireworks Bridge;


Action: Clerk wrote to Forest of Dean District Council. The Council has replied stating that it has inspected the damage and agree that it is in a poor state of repair. However, they believe there is no immediate danger and will repair the damage as a part of their 2007/8 work plan.


         268. Any Other Business


a. Councillor Evans noted that the Forestry Commission had still not replaced the lid on  the community bin in Glyn Wood. The clerk promised to make another attempt to get this done as soon as possible.


Action: Clerk wrote, again, to Richard Gable, Head of Forestry in Monmouthshire and was told that work had now been completed.


        *****Actions from October Minutes*****


274.       Finance and Administration Reports:


c. Budget for 2007/2008


Councillor Floyd suggested that a committee be set up to draft a budget for next year   and report it’s findings back to the Council at the November meeting. This committee will meet on Monday 20th November at The Reddings at 7:00 p.m.


Action: Committee met and compiled a proposed budget for 2007/8.


d. Parking at Friar’s Wharf


It was agreed to ask the Parva Hotel management to enter into a new annually renewable agreement. The clerk was instructed to write to the hotel management outlining this proposal.


Action:  Letter written but no response received.


276.                      Survey 2006


b. Housing Survey – It was decided to progress in the New Year. The clerk to write to the organisation asking them to proceed.


                   Action:  Letter written.


c. Councillor Bennett reported it was proving difficult to contact the rail companies and discuss synchronising the bus and train services. The clerk will write to all the rail companies serving Chepstow.


Action: Not done


e. A meeting had been held between the Council, M.C.C. and A.O.N.B. to discuss the future of the Sawmills car park. Councillors Saunders and Webb attended. The meeting had not been very positive and it was stated by M.C.C. that the earliest a car park could be considered, for financial reasons, was 2008/9. The Council felt this was unacceptable. It was decided to submit a planning application to immediately convert the area into a car park. The clerk will determine the necessary procedure.


Action: The clerk has discussed the submission of a planning application with M.C.C. Planning officers and been told that any application for vehicular access to a highway will

be submitted to the Highways Department before it is considered if planning permission is necessary.


277.    Other Reports/Issues


a. The Councils Response to the Angiddy Project Presentation made at the September meeting;


It was decided to write to the organisation stating that the Council agree in principle with the idea of more environmentally friendly energy generation but that a further study of the finances of the organisation are needed.     


                Action: Not done


280.  Correspondence


          c. Letter from Tamara & Andrew Barker – Planning Application       


A letter had been received from the planning applicants concerning the Council’s decision and reasons for recommending rejection of this application. It was agreed to reply to the correspondent giving details of the historical interest.


                Action: Letter written


280.  Any Other Business


a.  Councillor Evans was concerned that tourists looking for ‘Linen Well’ were unable to find it because of its relocation and poor state of maintenance. The clerk to write to M.C.C. reminding them of their obligation with regard to this landmark.


               Action: Not done


b. Councillor Evans also reported the state of the public footpath at the rear of The Cherry Tree Inn was in a very poor state due to the grass not being cut. He stated that it was now proving difficult to walk on. The clerk to report the matter to the M.C.C. Rights of Way officer.


Action: Not done


c. Councillor Shewell reported that the footpath from Dead Man’s Bend to the village was   heavily coated in moss which made it difficult to walk safely on. The clerk to report this to M.C.C.


                Action: Not done


d. Councillor Floyd expressed concern at the water that was collecting outside of Forest Cottage on the Trellech Road. The site will be visited by the clerk and the problem reported to the relevant authority.


Action: Not done


e. Councillor Saunders expressed concern over the low B.T. cable passing over the Leat path from the Furnace to Beaufort Pond. The problem will be reported to B.T. by the clerk.


               Action: Not done


f. Councillor Saunders also commented on the felled trees on the Forestry land above Pontysaison. It was believed that some of them looked unstable and could fall onto the road. The clerk to contact the Forestry Commission regarding this problem.


Action: Richard Gable, Forestry Commission Wales has stated that the logs have been made safe.


g. Councillor Saunders also asked the clerk to obtain ‘Rights of Way’ forms from M.C.C. so that the Council could ensure no established footpaths are lost. Clerk to obtain forms.


Action: Not done


           *****End of Actions from October Minutes*****


288.  Finance and Administration Reports:


  a. Financial Statement for November:


A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had  funds of ₤6,535.79 if the known payment for November was approved. The council unanimously agreed the statement.


        b. The payments for November were approved, that is:


  Roger Hopson – Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                               Chq 100495         ₤253.39

        Tintern Recreation Centre (for Council rental)                      Chq 100496           ₤12.00


c.           Budget and Precept for 2007/2008


Councillor Floyd presented the budget proposal which had been prepared by the council committee appointed at the October meeting. Councillor Floyd thanked the committee for their work.

Before discussing next years budget two proposals for more finance for 2006/7 were considered. They were for an increase in the grant to the Hall to help pay for the increased insurance premium and the payment of the grant  to Friends of Tintern towards the Christmas lights. It was agreed that the Village Hall grant be increased to ₤400.00 and the Friends of Tintern  receive ₤300.00 as budgeted. It was further agreed that in 2007 Friends of Tintern make a request for any Christmas funding in the summer months and that this be supported by a annual statement of account and evidence that the best financial option for erection and operation of the lighting had been chosen. 

It was agreed to add the following items to next year’s budget;


Chairman’s Honoraria………………………………………₤200


Donation to Citizen’s Advice Bureau ……………….₤50



The following budget was then agreed:



It was agreed to request a precept from M.C.C. of ₤12,500. This increase will realistically cover contributions the council will have to make to capital projects such as the proposed roundabout, Sawmills car park and improvements to Village Hall.



289.  Planning


  a.  Applications


  DC/2006/01108:  New dwelling, land adjoining 1 Glyn View,

        Planning Officer: Emma Langmaid

  Decision: Recommend refusal;



               1. Adjoins right of way

2. Site is unstable

          3. Road unable to cope with additional traffic

          4. Too large for site

          5. Not in keeping with vernacular buildings

          6. Interferes with parking for standing building


  DC/2006/01181: Construction of storage barn, land adjacent ‘The Laurels’

  Planning Officer: Sarah Bessell

Decision: M.C.C. has stated that details submitted are acceptable and no further   notification is required.


       b. Planning Appeals                                             


DC/2006/00876: Revised roof design to amend scheme approved with planning ref   M/3855


       c. Planning Decisions


 DC/2006/00635: New dwelling and garage, Primrose Cottage

 M.C.C. Decision: Refused

 Reason: Scale and size of development inappropriate to site.

 Would harm character and setting of conservation area.

 Land liable to flooding for such dwellings.

 T.C.C. Recommendation:  Refused

 Reason: Infill of this size would be detrimental to area.


DC/2006/00876: Revised roof design to amend scheme approved with planning ref  M/3855

 M.C.C. Decision: Refused

 Reason: Development by virtue of its size is considered capable for use as a    

 separate  dwelling

 T.C.C. Recommendation:  Approve


 d. New Enforcement Cases




 e. Resolved Enforcement Cases






290. Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


a. Village Hall Committee:


Nothing to report. Councillor O’Connor asked if the Council could get a notice erected in the  Hall grounds reminding people that dog fouling is illegal on Hall grounds and that there are severe penalties for dog owners. Clerk to contact Tim Bradfield to get an appropriate notice for erection.


      b. Llandogo School:


Nothing to report.


      c. Friends of Tintern:


      Please see items 284 d. and 288 c.


      e. Gloucester Harbour Trust


Councillor Shewell reported on the meeting she had attended earlier in the month at     Sheerness;


i.                         A number of problems had arisen regarding the ways of funding the Severn Area Rescue Association (S.A.R.A.).

ii.                      Bank erosion caused by water skiers was causing concern and the law governing this was being consulted.

iii.                    There is now a concern over the liabilities of land owners who have trees overhanging the rivers. The Council as land owners need to be aware of this.

iv.                     The Council should also identify sites where canoeists can land in Tintern.


Councillor Floyd thanked Councillor Shewell for attending the meeting as the Councils representative.





291.  Survey 2006


a.     Councillor Bennett reported that plans for the youth centre had been completed in consultation with community children. Three sites were being looked at;


 i.      Fryers Wharf

                 ii.     Extension to Village Hall

                 iii.    Sawmills Waste Ground


A presentation of the plans would be made by the Youth Project Team on 5th January in the Village Hall to the Council and anybody else who is interested.


b.     Councillor Bennett reported that the Grass Routes bus scheme had started on 13th  November but had so far had no passengers from Tintern.

Approaches had been made to the rail companies to discuss timetable changes but these  had so far met with no response.

An AONB study for a park & ride scheme to Tintern from Chepstow Racecourse car park was still ongoing.


c.     Councillor Floyd asked if Councillor Webb could hasten the erection of the vehicle activated speed notice promised for the village.


d.     Councillor Floyd had received a quotation from Mr A. Parsons for the erection of the new village notice board in the car park of the Rose & Crown of ₤85.00 which included the supply of two posts. The Council unanimously agreed to accept this quotation and instruct Mr Parsons to commence the work.


292. Other Reports/Issues


a.     Wireworks Bridge: Councillor Parker commented that the pillars supporting the bridge deck were in a poor state of decoration and presumably repair. The clerk  commented that he had received a letter from Gloucester County Council stating that they had inspected the bridge earlier in the year and were satisfied with its immediate safety. However, some repair work would be carried out in 2007/8 if their highways budget allowed.


b.     Missing Light: Councillor Parker reported that the public light next to the old school was missing. A public light MG 446 was being obstructed by an overhanging tree. The clerk to report these to  M.C.C. Highways.


c.     Seat in Centre of Village: Councillor Parker noted that a seat at the centre of the promenade was in need of immediate repair. The clerk was asked to contact Mr. Howard to see if he could undertake the repairs.


d.     Bin in Glyn Wood: The litter bin in Glyn wood had been fitted with a new lid, apparently by the Forestry Commission. However, this had already broken off when the bin was emptied by M.C.C. and therefore needed replacing.




e.     Dead Man’s Bend: M.C.C. had promised that work on this stretch of the A466 would commence before Christmas 2006.


f.       A letter had been received from the Abbey Hotel management highlighting the various ‘A’ boards in the village that where obstructing the highway. Councillor Shewell commented that the Council had decided to produce a policy statement on pavement advertising but hat this had never been done (The clerk reminded the Council that M.C.C.’s policy on advertising boards was that they were only allowed if they left a walking width of 1.5 metres). It was agreed that a policy should be produced at the next meeting after the legal situation had been clarified and that this policy would be circulated to all businesses using these boards for consultation.


293. Correspondence


      a. Correspondence lists were issued to all councillors.


       Any relevant correspondence was dealt with during previous items.


294.       Any Other Business


a. Councillor Bennett commented that the public right of way at Jigger’s Lane (Ref:    No. 51/13) had been blocked by a padlocked and chained gate. The clerk will pursue this with the Rights of Way officer at M.C.C.


b. The state of the Raglan road at the junction with the track to Barbadoes Hill is again causing concern. The Council commented on the work that had been done in Gloucestershire by the Florence Hotel on the A466 as an example of how this type of problem could be eliminated. Clerk to investigate.


295.       To confirm date of next meeting.


296.            The next meeting will be held on 8th January 2007 in the Village Hall at 7:00 p.m.





The Meeting closed at 9:15 p.m.