Present:   Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor P O’Connor, Councillor S Shewell, Councillor J Saunders, Councillor A. Webb, Councillor A. Parker, Councillor T. Evans, Constable Andrew Mason and R Hopson clerk.


       In Attendance:  Constable A. Mason.

                            Mr Phillip Ashton

                            Mrs Melanie Lindsall



309.        Police Report – PC 263  Andy Mason  



Police Report to Community Council



Relevant Dates: From: 9th January 2007         To: 29th January 2007


(a)       From: PC 363 Andrew Mason






Arson / Stolen m/v





A stolen car from Bulwark was found burnt out on top of Barbadoes Hill. Enquires continuing.






Angiddy / Forge Road





Single vehicle RTC, driver lost control and collided with Telegraph pole.






Tarmac gang



Found Pedal Cycle



Icy Road












Reported working in Trellech Grange area, located firm from Midlands doing private drives.


Black BOSS make child’s pedal cycle, currently in Tintern Police Office.


Through Tintern, Council Highways informed.







Encourage as many residents to register with in order to receive information messages, alerts etc direct from the police, via telephone, email or text.





310.        Public Forum:


a. Concern was expressed by Mrs. Lindsall and Mr. Ashton regarding parking at Chapel Hill with special reference to parking at the rear of the Cherry Tree Inn. The Chairman explained that since this matter had only just been brought to the Council’s attention they could not meaningfully discuss it at this meeting. However, she promised that the Highways department at Monmouthshire County Council (M.C.C.) would be consulted and the matter discussed at the February meeting.


311.   Apologies for absence:


          a. All Councillors present.


312.   Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda:


          a. Councillor Ann Webb re: All planning matters.


                            313.    Minutes of the meetings of 27th November 2006:


a. Councillor Webb had been missed of the list of councillors attending the meeting. The comment in paragraph 305(a) regarding poor visibility on roads due to ‘A’ boards was wrongly attributed to Councillor Saunders. This should have been Councillor Shewell. The minutes were then signed as a true record of the meetings by the Chairman.




The clerk’s report has now replaces the agenda item ‘matters   arising’.


CLERKS REPORT FOR December  2006


          ***Actions updated and brought forward from before November*****

189.  Other Reports/Issues


                   b Other Issues


i. To discuss collection of mail over Easter weekend:


Action: The clerk has now passed the entire problem over to POSTWATCH which is an independent authority which overlooks The Post Office when complaints have not been answered satisfactorily.


                     POSTWATCH have written to the Post Office as below;


‘Mr Hopson has contacted Postwatch as he is concerned about the provision of post boxes and mail collections in his area.


At the Tintern, Chepstow sub Post Office, the mail was collected two hours earlier that the advertised on Easter Saturday (15/4/06). No one can offer any explanation for this, not even the Sub-postmaster. This caused a great deal of inconvenience for Mr Hopson.


Furthermore, at Easter time, a post box on Trellech Road was destroyed when a lorry hit it and it was subsequently removed by Royal Mail. However, this post box has not been replaced despite repeated requests for it to be. This has caused no end of problems for the residents in this area and is very inconvenient for them.


Please can you initiate a full investigation into this matter and address the following points:


1.      Please can you apologise to Mr Hopson for the hassle and concern that these issues have caused him


2.      Mr Hopson has written to Royal Mail Customer Services twice to seek an explanation as to why mail was collected two hours earlier than advertised on Easter Saturday, but the responses he has received do not address his concerns or answer his queries. Please can you now provide a full explanation for this early collection? What measures will be taken to prevent a repeat of this?


3.      Why has this post box on Trellech Road not been replaced despite repeated calls for it be reinstated? When will this be done?


I look forward to a prompt and favourable reply. Please let me know if you cannot respond within ten working days so that I can keep Mr Hopson informed.


Melissa Sharples

Consumer Services Officer’



c. To decide on action regarding concern over damaged railings on Wireworks Bridge;


Action: Private complimentary survey undertaken. This will be distributed to councillors in February.


However, its conclusion is;


‘Given the general condition and light usage of the structure, it is not foreseen that there is any immediate need to prevent public access to the bridge.  Maintenance, repair and more detailed inspection by the bridge’s owner is however considered imperative to ensure the future safety of the structure.  It appears that no maintenance has been conducted on the bridge for a considerable time’.


268. Any Other Business


a. Councillor Evans noted that the Forestry Commission had still not replaced the lid on the community bin in Glyn Wood. The clerk promised to make another attempt to get this done as soon as possible.


Action – No response from Forestry Commission  


                280. Any Other Business


a. Councillor Evans was concerned that tourists looking for ‘Linen Well’ were unable to find it because of its relocation and poor state of maintenance. The clerk to write to M.C.C. reminding them of their obligation with regard to this landmark.


Action – Please see report on meeting of 16th January 2007


b. Councillor Evans also reported the state of the public footpath at the rear of The Cherry Tree Inn was in a very poor state due to the grass not being cut. He stated that it was now proving difficult to walk on. The clerk to report the matter to the M.C.C. Rights of Way officer.


Action – Please see report on meeting of 16th January 2007



d. Councillor Floyd expressed concern at the water that was collecting outside of Forest Cottage on the Trellech Road. The site will be visited by the clerk and the problem reported to the relevant authority.


No New Action



290. Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


a. Village Hall Committee:


Nothing to report. Councillor O’Connor asked if the Council could get a notice erected in the  Hall grounds reminding people that dog fouling is illegal on Hall grounds and that there are severe penalties for dog owners. Clerk to contact Tim Bradfield to get an appropriate notice for erection.


No Action  - Will be done in February



292. Other Reports/Issues


b. Missing Light: Councillor Parker reported that the public light next to the old school was missing. A public light MG 446 was being obstructed by an overhanging tree. The clerk to report these to M.C.C. Highways.


No Action  - Will be done in February


c. Seat in Centre of Village: Councillor Parker noted that a seat at the centre of the promenade was in need of immediate repair


Action: Mr Howard to replace rotten timber with new hard wood at a cost of ₤77.00


294.  Any Other Business


Councillor Bennett commented that the public right of way at Jigger’s Lane (Ref:    No. 51/13) had been blocked by a padlocked and chained gate. The clerk will pursue this with the Rights of Way officer at M.C.C.


Action – Please see report on meeting of 16th January 2007



**End of Actions updated and brought forward from before January 8th**



***** Actions from January 8th meeting*****



302. b.   Information on plans for extension of Livox Quarry


The clerk has been informed that Hanson’s intend applying for planning permission to extend the scope of quarrying of the present area and to recommence work in the autumn.


It was decided that when more information is known the clerk will organise a public meeting.


No Action  -  Planning application returned to Hanson’s to correct errors



305.             Other Reports/Issues


a. To formulate a draft Council policy for advertising notices on/adjacent to the highway.


The Monmouthshire County Council (M.C.C.) had provided the Council with their   policy document for street advertising. Clerk to distribute with an appropriate accompanying letter. The policy would also be published in the Tintern Newsletter.


No Action - Will be done in February


d. To consider replacement/fortification of Communal Bin on Raglan Road.


It was agreed that a steel liner be purchased for the bin. Clerk to contact the Contractor who had repaired the swings in the playground and who had previously quoted approximately ₤250.00 for the liner.


No Action - It is believed contractor is no longer trading. Clerk will investigate further.



f. To formulate a response to Tintern Parva letter regarding payment for car parking at Fryer’s Wharf.


The clerk reported that the owners of Parva Farmhouse had responded favourably to the letter requesting that they pay rental for car parking.

It was agreed that Councillors Floyd and Bennett would visit the owners to discuss the issue.


No Action   



296.                                        Correspondence


b. Strong Councils:  The letter from the Chief Executive of Monmouthshire County Council requesting the formation of a ‘Strong Councillor’ organisation had been difficult to understand and the clerk was asked to clarify the request.


No Action - Will be done in February


c. ‘One Voice Wales’ regional meeting:  Councillor Webb agreed to attend the meeting on 18th January.


Councillor Webb did not attend meeting



297. Any Other Business


b. Councillor Evans was concerned at the considerable disruption to service that was continually occurring at The Cot to the land telephone system The clerk is to follow this matter up with B.T.  


No Action - Will be done in February






c. Councillor Shewell commented that the ‘Register of Electors’ for the Tintern Parva ward contained at least three people who were deceased. Clerk to raise this issue with the Electoral Officer at M.C.C.


*****End of Actions from January 8th meeting*****


314.        Finance and Administration Reports:


  a. Financial Statement for January:


A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of ₤8,295.83 if the known payment for January was approved. The council unanimously agreed the statement.


        b. The payment for January was approved, that is:


  Roger Hopson – Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                               Chq 100502         ₤317.02


315.        Planning


a.           Applications and Decisions


DC/2006/01388 -  Agricultural Notification – To create a new road off existing farm drive for easier access for agricultural vehicles and feed lorries

Planning Officer: David Wong

Decision: - Site and design considerations only – permission has been granted by legislation.

         Concern was expressed about effect this might have on footpath 381/130.


DC/2006/01393 – Modification or Removal of Condition – Retention of replacement detached dwelling (revised scheme to approved consent) including the addition of an extra room; a new stable and garage. Barbadoes Meadows

Planning Officer: Kate Young

Decision: The council need more information on this application before a decision can be made.


        Planning Appeals




         Planning Decisions


DC/2006/01290: Single storey extension to side of existing dwelling, Poppy      Cottage, Barbadoes Hill

M.C.C. Decision: Approve


DC/2006/01357: Proposed 2 bay oak framed garage to replace existing corrugated iron garage.

M.C.C. Decision: Approve


     New Enforcement Cases




       Resolved Enforcement Cases





316.    Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


a. Village Hall Committee:


 Councillors Evans and O’Connor commented on the high quality of the presentation given by the Youth Project team on the possibility of an extension to the Hall for a Youth Centre.


      b. Llandogo School:


Councillor Bennett reported that the number of pupils at the school was falling and that it is now 107. Since school finance is governed by the number of pupils this could have serious consequences and a finance meeting was planned at the school before the end of March.                      


    c. Friends of Tintern:


Councillor Bennett reported that the number of people supporting the organisation was dwindling and this was causing problems. Mr. Oakley will check out the Christmas lights before this Christmas for faults. The clerk reported that Roger Joy of M.C.C. lighting department had asked for a meeting with all organisations responsible for Christmas lights. The organisation is also seeking a new chairman and was thinking of approaching the Village Hall committee with a view to merging the two organisations.


317.        Survey 2006


a. Traffic


i. Councillor Floyd reported that a vehicle activated speed sign had been located on the north side of the village on the A466.

ii. All councillors felt that M.C.C. should be congratulated on the high quality of the work done resurfacing the A466 between the Lower Wyndcliffe and Tintern. Clerk to write to M.C.C. expressing this view.

iii. A meeting had been arranged with Peter Mullins of M.C.C. Highways to discuss the possibility of a roundabout adjacent to the Royal George.


318.        Other Reports/Issues


a.     The Angidddy Project– Council Representative & Planning Permission:


It was unanimously agreed that Councillor Saunders should represent the council on the board of The Angiddy Project (T.A.P.). Clerk to write to Andrew Nixon of T.A.P. informing him of the council’s decisions.

Councillor Webb reported that if planning permission for the scheme were obtained by the Community Council the application charge by M.C.C. would be half the normal fee. Councillor Saunders commented that if we did this the Council would be unable to comment on the application has it would have to declare an interest.

However, it was decided that if T.A.P. wish the Council to make the application it will agree. Councillor Webb abstained from this vote because of her M.C.C. interest in planning applications.


 b. Extension of Village Hall for Youth Centre:


The concept of extending the Village Hall for the Youth Centre was unanimously   agreed and Councillor Saunders commented on the high quality of the presentation given by the Youth Project team to the Hall Committee.


c.      Public Flood Warning Meeting:


The clerk reported that both Brockweir and Trellech United councils had accepted an    invitation to attend the Environment Agency Flood Warning System meeting on 12th February.


d.     Vehicle passing places on Jubilee Avenue, Trellech Grange:


Councillor Webb asked if the felled Oak trees on Jubilee Avenue, Trellech Grange could be replaced. Councillor Saunders suggested that the Forestry Commission be approached. Clerk to contact local Forestry Commission manager.


e.     Parking in the village:


Councillor Bennett suggested that the whole issue of parking should be reviewed because the subject keeps re-occurring at different locations.

It was now especially difficult at the rear of the Cherry Tree Inn and Councillors Bennett and Webb suggested that M.C.C. Highways be requested to attend a site meeting to discuss this particular area. Clerk to arrange.


f.       Wireworks Bridge:


Councillor Floyd reported that a technical report on the bridge condition had been prepared by a bridge engineer at no cost to the Council. This will be issued to councillors during February.


319.                    Correspondence


a. A request for financial assistance had been received by Macmillan Cancer Support. Councillor Webb proposed they be given a donation of ₤75. This was unanimously agreed. (Cheque No: 100501 ………..  ₤75)


    b. These were issued to all councillors.


    c. Any other relevant correspondence was dealt with during previous items.


320.                    Any Other Business


a. Councillor Saunders commented on the M.C.C. budget proposals regarding loss of library service and increase in school bus fares. She noted that, again, it is the rural areas that are suffering. Councillor Webb to highlight these problems in her position as County Councillor.


b. Councillor Shewell expressed concern about a vehicle that had been placed for sale on the pavement at the junction of the a466 and the road to the Abbey over the weekend. The councillors discussed this and general parking problems in the village particularly on Bank Holidays. The clerk to ask P.C. Mason to ensure that the law is enforced during this period.


c. Councillor Shewell reminded the Council of the need to establish a policy with regard to notices being posted in the village  especially in light of the numerous adverts that had been posted about a recent event at the racecourse. The clerk is to approach Chepstow Racecourse management to ask if traders at the course could be reminded that fly posting is illegal.


321.          To confirm date of next meeting.


288.       The next meeting will be held on 26th February 2007 in the Village Hall at 7:00 p.m.





The Meeting closed at 9:00 p.m.