Minutes of meeting held on Monday 27th October 2008


Present: Chairman Cllr Mrs.Shewell, Cllrs Mrs.Saunders, Francis, Williams, Hoskins, County Cllr Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Greatorex-Davies (Clerk). PC Cowburn. 3 members of public.

585. Precept: Draft statement circulated and discussed and agreed to request 14,100.

586. Public Forum: Mr. R. Woods gave updated report on Fryers Wharf. Mr. A. Parker asked whether The Pound could be cleared as very overgrown. Agreed this should be done and ownership established.

587. Police Report given by PC Cowburn.

588. Apologies: Cllr Mrs.Floyd, Hayward and Smith.

589. Declarations of Interest: None.

590. Minutes previous meeting approved and signed.

591. Planning Applications:-

Poppy Cottage

Chapel Cottage

Outbuilding at Pryces Bridge

592. Approval of Accounts for payment.

593. Financial Report.

594. Updates from previous meeting:-

Green Shed at Fryers Wharf. Cllr Francis to obtain key from Vicar.

Refuse Bins Botany Bay letter received MCC. Clerk reply asking MCC to

Advise residents location and times of collection.

Access Barbadoes Cottage.

Parking Sylvan View Write to MCC asking for adjacent land to be utilised.

Notice-board by Abbey Car Park ask MCC if TCC can use it.

Sustrans Cycle Path request TCC kept updated.

Allotments 4 requests received. Agenda next meeting.

Promenade Railings and safety of trees.

Linen Well.

Beaufort Cottage Letter from CADW keep TCC informed.

595. Reports from outside bodies & sub-committees.

596. A466 Consortium of Councils correspondence received.

597. Street Lighting Report from Cllr Saunders re Welsh Councils turning lights

off at midnight. Letter to MCC asking what their proposals are.

598. Dropped Kerb opposite Old Rectory.

599. Correspondence received.

600. Any Other Business Cllr Francis asked if Trellech Grange Church will be having 60 upkeep for graveyard. Clerk asked to send other Churches their donation. Douglas Hughes raised two points dangerous state of benches by oap bungalows on river front clerk to write to MCC. Also enquired if TCC would be prepared to buy old Church back as it could be historically important to future of village.

601. Date of next meeting Monday 24th November 2008.


If anyone wishes to have sight of the full copy of the minutes please contact the clerk on 01291-689861.