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23 December 2006

The 2006 Tintern Christmas Crossword is now on the website. It will hopefully keep you occupied over the festive period. Many thanks to Paul Christie of the Angidy Valley for compiling it - he has certainly set us all a challenge!

The December Tintern News is now posted.

Many thanks to Andy Horne for this month's excellent view of the month.

My apologies for everything being a little late this month. This was due to unseemly behaviour on the part of the editorial computer.

18 November 2006

Autumn Colours

This beautiful picture of the autumn colours currently gracing the Wye Valley was sent to me by Rob van Dort from Holland.

Tintern Old Station

John Sterry has sent me this information about forthcoming activities at Tintern's fascinating old station - click here for details.

5 November 2006

The cold snap continues and we have had some wonderfully crisp and misty mornings in Tintern.

30 October 2006

The November Tintern News is now on the website.

28 October 2006

Wartime evacuee Len meets some old friends..

Len Beeching made it to Tintern, as reported earlier in the week. I am glad to say he met up with some old friends from the village. Shown in the picture, left to right, are Harold and Tommy Higgins, Len Beeching, Lily Morgan, Terry Evans, Ralph Mackay and Cecil Light.

25 October 2006

WW2 Evacuee Returns to Tintern

I have received this from Paul King:

I am visiting Tintern this coming weekend (Friday/Saturday) with a friend of mine, Len Beeching, who was evacuated to Tintern during the war. Since he left in 1943/44 he has never been back, and so we have arranged this visit so that he can relive some of the memories. I am trying to find out whether there is anyone still living in Tintern who would have been there at the time Len was also living there. Do you know of anyone or, if not could you point me in the right direction of someone who could help me? I know that Len would really enjoy chatting to someone who was also also in the village during the war years.

Many thanks for your kind assistance, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Paul King

If anyone can help please contact Paul by clicking here or by phone on 07768 588538.

20 October 2006

Changes in the Angidy Valley

The residents of the lower Angidy have been busy over the past year and a lot of properties have been renovated, extended or given a facelift.

16 October 2006

Tintern Population Increases by One.

Congratulations to Steve and Rhiannon Thomason from the Angidy on the birth of baby Evan. Tintern's newest resident was in good voice when I bumped into him today.

9 October 2006

The River Wye burst its banks with last night's high tide. I hope that noone got too badly affected. The Police closed the road for a short period when the water rose above the level of the A466.

8 October 2006

The August Community Council minutes are now on the website.

I have also received the October Tintern News from Elspeth.

11 September 2006

Congratulations to Colin and Judith at Parva Farm Vineyard who continue to produce award winning wines. They have recently won the South West of Britain Vineyard Association Stewards' Cup for their Bwthyn Rhosyn (Rose Cottage) Rose. And jolly nice it is too! It's coming up to harvest time at the vineyard and the editor heartily recommends a visit and tasting!

High Tide Update

We just about got away with the abnormally high tides this weekend, but the same thing happens again in early October. If this level of water combines with wind and rain it could get interesting.

6 September 2006

High Tide Warning

The highest tides for 20 years are due this weekend, the worst I'm told being at approximately 10am and then 9pm on Saturday. The weather forecast is currently good - click here to see how it evolves - but it might be worth planning now for some flooding.

1 September 2006

The September Tintern News is now on the website.

29 August 2006

The Tintern Youth Club has been going strong throughout the summer holidays. We hope it was fun - it certainly looked like it when the editor payed a visit! Hopefully the club will prosper in the future. We should all be grateful to Adam, Dawn and above all to who attended and helped out.

There are some new pictures on the cricket page.

3 August 2006

The August Tintern News is now available.

31 July 2006


Tintern had a good win over the Caerphilly Druids at home on Sunday.

James Taylor bowling with Pip Seabury keeping wicket

Mark Bailey bowling with Huw Ellis fielding in the distance. (Captain Steve Taylor can be seen taking a day out in the background due to injury - speedy recovery Steve!)

A match report can be found here.

27 July 2006

Wag the Stag has been making regular evening appearances at Abbey Passage Farm. Thanks to Jane Marshall for the picture.

16 July 2006

The May Council Minutes are now available.

15 July 2006

Tintern Youth Club

Tintern Youth Club starts Wednesday 26th July then every Wednesday (Minimum of 6 Weeks) from 6-8 p.m at Tintern Village Hall. The club is for for 9-16 Year Olds.

Volunteers are needed, please either turn up on the 26th or leave your details with Dawn Floyd on 689705.

5 July 2006

The July Tintern News is now available.

I have received this from Fiona MacDonald:

This is a terribly long shot but I wondered if any of your readers would know of a family who lived in Whitebrook, Llandogo in 1901. The head of the household was Herbert Morgan born in Llandogo, his wife Carrie born in Carlilsle (they were both in their early 20s) and their adopted son Willie born Bristol in abt. 1892. If anyone recognises these names, I would be so grateful to hear from them.

Kind regards

Fiona MacDonald

Please reply to Fiona directly.

9 June 2006

Tintern AbbeyCam!

Canadian artist Alex McKay's Claude Mirror webcam is now online and the image is shown here. It was a privilege to meet Alex and his family during his time in Tintern. The webcam is generously hosted by the Abbey Hotel, and is supported by the University of Windsor, Ontario, and IQEye, who supplied the camera.

From the Community Council:



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972, a casual vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the above said Community Council Ward

If, within 14 days after the date of this notice, a request for an election to fill the said vacancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer at County Hall, Cwmbran, NP44 2XH by TEN electors for the said Community Council Ward, an election will be held to fill the said vacancy, otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option.

The notice was issued on 2 June 2006, so there are only 7 days to respond from today.

Abbey Mill Folk Festival

The Abbey Mill Folk Festival is taking place on the 29th and 30th July. See the festival website for more details.

Some information about last year's event can be found here.

The Tintern Daltons?

Can anyone help with this query from Sue Dalton?

Dear Rob,

I have a Dalton ancestor who farmed at Hill Farm, Tintern in 1911 as that was the address on the birth certificate of Alexander Dalton. However, there's several 'Something - Hill' Farms on the map eg Barbadoes Hill, Chapel Hill etc, but no simple 'Hill Farm'. It's definitely Hill Farm and not Mill Farm. I'd be grateful if, as a local, you could let me know whether any is more likely than any other. They were probably tenants of the farm as they lived in Newport in 1901 and Sedbury by 1925.

Many thanks,

Sue Dalton

Please contact Sue directly.

The June Tintern News is now available.

30 May 2006

The Chepstow Show takes place on August 12th. Click here for more information.

29 May 2006

The latest Community Council minutes are now available.

16 May 2006

Village Hall AGM

I have heard on the village grapevine that the annual general meeting of the Village Hall Comittee is tomorrow, Wednesday 17th May, at 7.30 pm, at the Village Hall.

10 May 2006

The May Tintern News is now available.

Canadian Artist Visits Tintern

Canadian artist Alex McKay is in Tintern this week implementing an unusual and fascinating artistic project.

Alex has set up a "Claude Mirror" outside the Abbey Hotel. The Mirror is a slightly convex reflective black miror that has a fascinating effect on the reflected view that can be seen in it. It renders its subject rather like a watercolour painting, with muted colours and a greater sense of drama in the graphic shapes and forms within the scene.

Alex's mirror is set up to reflect a view of the Abbey and a picture of the reflected image is shown here.

A webcam is also to be set up to beam the live image out via the internet. I will attempt to carry the live webcast on the village website if I can!

20 April 2006

Meadow Farm Shop is holding an open day this Saturday from 10am to show off the newly refurbished shop and its range of organic produce. It can be found opposite Tintern Station, off the A466.

16 April 2006

The April Tintern News is now available.

14 April 2006

A special notice has been posted on the Community Council page at their request.

11 April 2006

The April Tintern news is now available.

There is also some new information on the Community Council page, including February minutes and the proposed work to enhance safety on Dead Man's corner.

1 April 2006

Big Cat Sighting in Tintern

This photograph has been sent to me by Mrs Felix of Catbrook who managed to take a picture of a worryingly large cat on the wireworks bridge.

While there have been many rumours of big cat sightings in the area, none have been accompanied by quite such an incredible photograph.

Mrs Felix said: "I was extremely frightened for a few moments, as the animal that I saw in front of me this morning was like nothing I've ever seen before. On today of all days!"

30 March 2006

Tintern Wallpaper!

I have prepared some Tintern village wallpaper for your computers! Find the one that fits your screen, right click on it and choose "set as background", "set as desktop background" or something similar.

1600x1200 Pixels

1024x768 Pixels

800x600 Pixels

All wallpaper images © Rob Barker

25 March 2006

New cricket fixtures for 2006 and some rugby information are now on the sport page.

24 March 2006

I have received this message and picture from Sheila Black:

I have found a snapshot of a picnic held at the Furnace by Tintern W I in 1944.

(I can date it because the baby, front right, is my brother who was born in January 1944.) The original is not very good so I donít know if you think it is worth reproducing.

I can recognise some of the W I members. Mrs Duffield with the white collar on the far right, Mrs Morgan wife of P.C. Morgan on the far left.

Mrs Ball, (Davidís grandmother) 4th from left with Mrs Young (Terry Evans Grandmother) standing next to her.

Maybe others will remember more of them or even recognise themselves as children.

It was a lovely day and we had sports and games followed by a picnic tea.


Sheila Black

Many thanks Sheila - that is fascinating!.

If anyone spots anyone they recognise or has anything to add, let me know.

13 March 2006

Stan Smith

It is with enormous sadness that I have learned that Stan passed away over the weekend.

Most of us remember Stan for stalwartly running the village stores with good grace and good cheer. He was a village institution and will be sorely missed.

The editor, for one, shed a tear when he learned of Stan's passing, and I am sure I am not alone.

Stan, most of us probably forgot to tell you how highly we held you in our affections. We will remember you.

12 March 2006

More snow!

Tintern had yet another fall of snow this morning - could this be the last of the winter?

6 March 2006

A belated, but nevertheless very warm, welcome to Dave and Dee Yeomans who have taken over at the Anchor. They are giving the hotel a refurbishment and offer en-suite accomodation and a new menu as well as a range of drinks, including Brain's beer.

It was a fine day for a walk around the village today!

5 March 2006

Many thanks to Steve Pocock of the Cherry Tree Inn for this great picture of the mini-blizzard that hit the Angidy Valley last wednesday!

4 March 2006

Community Council minutes for January 2006 are now on the website.

The March Tintern News is now on the site too.

High tide in Tintern - 3 March 2006 - photographed by John Bathgate.

Forthcoming Village Events

Wednesday 1st March, 12.30 - 2.00pm - Soup Lunch at the Village Hall £3.00 p.p.

Tuesday 7th March, 2.00pm - VPA at Christine Bradshaw's house.

Wednesday 8th March, 7.30pm - Bingo at the Anchor Hotel

Friday 17th March, 7.30pm - VPA at the Village Hall

Sunday 19th March, 7.45pm - Race Night at the Royal George Hotel

Sunday 2nd April - Car Boot Sale - Anchor field

Wednesday 5th April - 12.30 - 2.00pm - Soup Lunch at the Village Hall £3.00 p.p.

Wednesday 12th April - 7.30pm - Bingo at the Anchor

Friday 21st April - 7.30pm - VPA at the Village Hall

Sunday 16th/17th April - Car Boot Sale - Anchor field

22nd April - 7th May - Spring Lambs Exhibition - Parva Vineyard

Sunday 30th April - Car Boot Sale - Anchor field

Monday 1st May - Car Boot Sale - Anchor field

June - Plant Exhibition - Parva Vineyard

July - Art Exhibition - Parva Vineyard

July VPA Annual Garden Party

19th August - Village Hall VPA Annual Show

Sunday 10th December 6.30pm - Christmas Lights Switch On at the Royal George Hotel

Monday 11th December, 12 noon - Old Folks Christmas Party at the Anchor Hotel

1 March 2006

Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus!

Happy St David's Day to everyone in Tintern and beyond!

18 February 2006

The public meeting on wednesday attracted a large audience to hear the Community Council present the results of their consultation exercise.

I will try and get the text of the survey results and post it here.

15 February 2006

The Tintern Community Council Minutes for November and December 2005 have just been received.

13 February 2006

Community Council Survey Results

The results of the Community Council Survey will be presented at a special public meeting in the Village Hall at 7pm on Wednesday 15 February.

174 of us returned the questionnaires - it will be interesting to hear the results and the response to our views.

8 February 2006

Tintern Pancake Day Race!

The Friends of Tintern cordially invite you or your business to submit an individual or team into the


Tuesday 28th February 2006 at 10.30am for the 10.45am start. Venue: Abbey Road, Tintern (in front of the Abbey)

£2.00 entry fee per individual entrant Entrant to provide pancake and pan

£5.00 entry fee per team of four (relay event) entrants to provide pans and pancakes

Prizes: £20.00 first team prize £10.00 first individual

5 February 2006

I beg your pardon, but there's a chicken in your garden!

Some of you will have seen the eggciting account of Sally the chicken's dissapearance and subsequent dramatic rescue from a tree in the garden of Ty Ffynon.

Sally the chicken (centre) with coopmates Lacey and Jo, following her ordeal.

Matt Reynolds, from the Angidy, is Sally's owner - here's his account from the Tintern News:

Sally the chicken is now safe and sound at home at Beech Cottage, Chapel Hill. A fox scare on Boxing Day sent the latest bird to join the Reynolds family coup into a flap. An extensive search of the surrounding area revealed no clues to her whereabouts and Sally was feared lost as the proverbial 'fox lunch on legs'. However, good neighbours Paul and Jennie (some 300 yards away) found that Sally had taken up residence in a tree in their garden after 3 days living off the land and avoiding Raglan Road traffic.

Other residents of fine character kept an eye out for Sally, while the mission to retrieve her was planned. Being somewhat nervous, yet also doggedly stubborn, Sally ventured higher and higher at each attempt to rescue her over a 24 hour period. A night time (when chickens are a bit dopy) a tree climb was the only answer. Sally is now reunited with the other birds at home and is doing fine.

Jennie Christie, of Ty Ffynon, points out the scene of the dramatic rescue.

Despite the dramatic circumstances surrounding Sally's adventure, there is no evidence of foul play.

5 February 2006

Village website gets over 300 visitors a day!

The number of people visiting the village website is on the increase - in January the site received an average of nearly 2500 "hits" per day - from over 300 visitors. The grand total for the month was 76,753 page viewings from 9466 individual visitors!

4 February 2006

The february Tintern News is now available.

1 February 2006

I have received this from David Bowen-Cassie:

I donít know if you can help me but I am trying to track my family roots. My father was born at Wye Villa, Chapel Hill in June of 1916. His mother was a Mary Bowen, (nee Bartlett) and his grandmother was an Alice Bartlett. As far as I can tell from your burial record archives Alice passed away in 1940, and there were still Bartletts in the area until at least 1984 when a Thomas Bartlett passed away. I would like to visit Tintern sometime this year so any information from your residents or readers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for a great website that has definitely firmed up my plans to visit this year.

If you can help please email David directly.

30 January 2006

I have put some Welsh language content on the "Cymraeg" page - not much but it's a start! The plan is not to make the site completely bilingual, rather to put some content of interest to Welsh speakers on from time to time - all part of keeping the language alive!

I have received this email from Nick Fitzgerald:

Hi there, I have just taken a look at the Tintern Website, VERY impressive...!. I particularly enjoyed looking at the old photographs. I lived and went to primary school in Tintern in the early 1970's (left 1975) and would be very interested in any images you might have/know about for that era - Silver Jubilee celabrations 1977 or the school, teachers and its pupils of that period, The teachers of that time, as I remember them were Mr Hodges, Mr Morgan, Mrs Baker, Mrs Green I think....? Should you be able to point me in the right direction I would be very grateful

If anyone wants to get in touch with Nick, email him by clicking here.

29 January 2006

New Cafe Opens in Tintern.

Ginger Blue is the new cafe adjacent to the doctor's surgery - it's taken over from Cafe Mango. Tony and Bridget are very welcoming and offer a range of drinks and light refreshments, including sandwiches, cakes and paninis. The cafe is open from 9.30 am to 5 pm at present, although longer opening hours are being considered for the summer.

Tony makes his coffee with passion and there are plenty of styles to choose from.

The hot chocolate is, apparently, made with equal committment!

28 January 2006

Congratulations to all at the Cherry Tree Post Office and stores. The village post office has now been reopen for a year. In an age when rural post offices are disappearing all over the country, we are very lucky to have this facility. Please use it as much as possible - if we don't use it we might lose it!

27 January 2006

I thought it was about time we had another gratuitous Abbey shot - this time taken last weekend from the Devil's Pulpit.

18 January 2006

Liz Klinkert has kindly sent this fascinating photgraph of the Rose and Crown, believed to have been taken in 1925.

Can anyone help with this request from the USA?

I was delighted to find your Website today and the little history of the subject church. In October 2004 I visited the church in connection with some family history research, but at that time found no printed history concerning the church.

My great-great-great grandfather was married there in 1788 and his son, my great-great grandfather, was baptised there in 1789. In visiting the church, I photographed the baptismal font. Is there any documentation indicating when the font was originally installed?

Iím also interested in knowing a little of the history of Tintern Parva during the late 1700ís. The above 3-greats grandfather was originally from Lindale (just south of the Lakes), then Lancashire County (now Cumbria), and was a basket maker. Iím trying to determine why he went to Tintern Parva in the 1780ís. One suggestion was the salmon fishing in the area attracted him as the fishermen used ďputchersĒ (wickerwork frames) to catch the salmon. Are there any local historians I might contact?

Susan J. Metcalf

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Please mail Susan directly.

10 January 2006

The January Tintern News is now on the website.

My apologies for the lack of a December News. This is, I believe, due to over-zealous spam eating software that frustrated Elspeth Reid's gallant attempts to get it to me. It will be posted soon.

9 January 2006

I have received this by email from Robyn Wards in Australia:

Hi Rob,

I have just been looking at your great web page and am hoping that you may be able to help me. My grandparents lived in Tintern where they bought up their two eldest children before moving to Australia. My husband and I are coming to Wales in May and would love to find the old house. It is called Tynant, and I have a picture of my grandparents standing outside it, taken in 1924, just before they left for Australia, and another one of my parents standing outside it when they visited in the 1970's.

My grandparents names were Frank Payne Godfrey and Matilda Mary Godfrey and they sold the house in September 1924. I have all the records of the house, sales and prices etc along with all owners name. I believe my grandfather was a confectioner or a cobbler at the time with a local store.

If possible I was wondering if you would know the address of the house, Tynant, so that I could find it when we arrive in Tintern, and if I could somehow contact the current owners and ask if it was possible to have a photo taken out the front the same as my grandparents and parents.

Kind regards, Robyn Wards (nee Godfrey)

I have replied and have passed on the message to the current residents of Ty Nant but if this little bit of Tintern history rings any bells, get in touch with the editor and I will pass on Robyn's email address.

2 January 2006

The solution to the Tintern Christmas Crossword is here. Congratulations to Dave Andrews for cracking it first. The crossword itself is in the noticeboard archives.

1 January 2006

Congratulations to David and Mary Shipton who were married today at St Michael's Church. The marriage took place within the regular Sunday morning worship. St Michael's was packed to overflowing and rector Phil Rees conducted a wonderful service.


The service was followed by a reception in the village hall. A fantastic buffet was laid on by the church community.


There were some moving speeches, not least from Mary's son Tim, but the overwhelming atmosphere was one of celebration. It was a wonderful day for the village.


I am very grateful to Robert and Fran Lawrence of Abbey House Studios for the superb photographs. Some more pictures of Mary and David's day will shortly be posted on their website.

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