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A Quick Trip to England

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This is a trip that takes 1hr 15min at normal walking speed and is easy walking. There is however some mud on the walk if the ground is at all wet and there is one 100 metre descent down a slope that is always muddy and slippery.
The walk is along the Welsh side of the river to Brockweir Bridge and back along the English side to the old railway bridge at Abbey Mill.

I suggest you start from one of the lay-bys on the riverside in the middle of the village and walk north towards Monmouth. Opposite the Wye Valley Hotel there is a lane leading down to St.Michael's Church. Take this lane and have a look at the church. It is usually open and is a lovely rural church.
Continue on through the churchyard and gate and walk along the river bank over the three small footbridges on the way to the abutments of the old Wye Valley Railway bridge, now long gone. Look back occasionally to see the view behind you.
At the bridge abutments pass through the two gates and climb the steps onto the old railway track bed. Walk along this trackbed beside the miniature railway on your right.
You will arrive at the Old Railway Station after about 15 minutes walking from the start. Buy gifts, pick up leaflets, have coffee or ice-cream or even a light meal, visit the exhibition in the signal box. The Old Station repays a look around.

When refreshed, walk on out of the station, past the children's play equipment to the steps that climb up onto Brockweir Bridge further along the track. Cross the bridge into England. Take steps to look at the views from the bridge, lovely in any weather.
As you come off the bridge turn right just past the Brockweir Country Inn. The pottery will be on your left. Immediately turn right towards the Moravian Church along the little path beside the stream. Have a look in the Moravian Church.

Continue the walk past the burial ground and climb the stile into the field. Walk along the river side of the field for about half the field's length and then turn left across the field when you see the stile in the treeline on your left.
Climb the stile into the track and turn right. The track continues on, you pass through a farm gate (please close behind you), and the track rises on an easy climb until you meet the track descending from the Devil's Pulpit.
There is a stone wall on your right at this point. You have just walked over the old railway tunnel that led out onto the demolished bridge and to the railway station. If the tree foliage permits you can see the station over the wall with the river in front of you; behind you, you can also see the river which does a 180 degree loop at Tintern.

Now you need to clamber down the track for about 100 metres of muddy and slippery surface. You come out onto the old railway track which leads to the bridge at Abbey Mill. However when you join this track there is a gate into the field opposite Tintern Abbey and if the light is right you can get good photographs of the Abbey across the river from the field.
Continue along the track and cross the bridge to return to Wales and to come out onto the A466 main road at Abbey Mill. Teas and tea cakes are recommended, perhaps even a meal.

Turn right onto the main road and walk back to your car.
The total journey takes 1hr 15 mins plus any stops for looking at churches, pubs etc.